Adding Fighters (Modern Fighters)

F-117 Nighthawk + F-15 Eagle = F-22 Raptor

F-15C Eagle + F-16C Falcon = Eurofighter Typhoon

F/A-18 Super Hornet + F-16 = Rafale M

F-15 + F/A-18 = F-14

F-117 + F/A-18 = F-35

F-5 + Rafale = JAS-39 Gripen NG

F-22 + SU-35 = PAK-FA

SU-27  + F/A-18 = SU-30MKI

F-15E STRIKE Eagle + F-16 = F-2A Viper Zero



2 thoughts on “Adding Fighters (Modern Fighters)

  1. I’d say that Rafale is more like the F-16 + F-18, its aerodynamics are most similar to the F-16, but it is a twin-engined multirole carrier-capable aircraft like the F-18. Gripen would then be F-5 + F-16.

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