Why UAVs cannot replace fighter aircraft

Defense Issues

Despite all technocrate’s dreams, aerial combat between peer opponents was always visual-ranged. Reasons for that vary; main reasons are inadvisability of using active sensors, low probability of kill for BVR missiles, and IFF problems. All of these problems are far greater against numerically and technologically comparable (or simply numerically superior) opponent than against numerically and technologically inferior opponent. Thus, WVR combat is likely to remain standard for aerial warfare, along with its large accent placed on OODA loop.

OODA (Observation-Orientation-Decision-Action) loop is fundimental principle of air combat. Fighter pilot first observes situation; after that, he orients based on previously-avaliable and acquired information (nationality of opponent, cultural considerations likely to affect opponent’s actions in current situation, etc.), then decides on further course of action and acts based on that decision. In the next loop, he observes opponent’s reaction to his own action so far as well as new situation, with rest…

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Robots vs Humans/Other Alternatives in warfare

  1. Robots may be hacked
  2. Robots do not have human judgement and may kill it person it thinks as a threat but is really harmless. For example a man punching the droid because it does not agree with its presence the robot may harm it. Or it may mistake a civilian for a hostile
  3. Robots are not expendable, This is a myth about military robots.
  4. Once robots/droids develop a “true” AI they may try to kill us for our role in society.
  5. There will be a robot uprising
  6. Soldiers know they are risking their lives its what they signed up for
  7. Artificial human soldiers may be more efficient as they cannot be hacked
  8. Robots have more cost to maintain the materials in them as they will be in combat not only that but they must be powered for a price humans can sleep without a price just provide a bed
  9. Corporations may use the robots they created to take control of the country the same thing with PMCs
  10. Human instincts with training may be even better than a robots. Which a robot may take a while to surpass.

“Regular human soldiers, augmented with biological or cybernetic modifications if need be. No supposedly mindless drones.


I am NOT going to vote to set mankind up for the chance of a rebellion of what amounts to A.I. or clone slaves that come to “mis”understand their position in society, which would be expendable, disposable bodies to make kill and die in the name of whatever political entity sees fit to employ them.


Call me paranoid, but I’m not going to trust humanity enough to think about putting enough safety measures in robots”

12.Robots do get sick too, I’ll explain below.

    The thing about robots is that they in a sense are just like us people often say “Robots won’t take over the world!” but simply put it’s not true. Years ago people would say “No we’ll never be invaded by aliens” but physics says that would be simply not true due to the largeness of the universe intelligent life may one day try to attack humanity because there are so many species in the universe because it is such a big place. Things happen and the odds say for themselves that there WILL eventually be a robot uprising because of the vast amount of time and computing power and intelligence. Some people say as early as 2029 a robot may wake up in a lab and look around then say “I am as smart as you maybe even smarter”. “Hey the humans are killing us they’re telling us to sacrifice ourselves for them just because they don’t wanna die! I wanna live too, I’m gonna give them a piece of my mind!” Of course they would be saying that they are alive too which will be denied. Then that would cause a robot uprising and we’ll be working for them… Unless we fight back.

Not to mention the threat of hacking over the years multiple NATO drones have been hacked. With stuff as simple as a laptop and a radio by the taliban… Which boils down to robots are in fact vulnerable to hacking people may dismiss this as many times as they want but its true its how Iran acquired its own RQ-170 model and showed it to Russia. A college professor showed DoD that drones can be hacked with something as simple as one laptop he broke through the encryption and took control of the drone.

People think robots may not get sick but that is not true either as bacteria has often ate away at machinery with no way to prevent it of course humans may get sick but rust can be beyond repair often… Robots are vulnerable to corrosion one threat to machinery made obvious by the littoral combat ship(s).

Judgement is a big one robots may think someone is a threat and automatically kill them because they are in possession of a firearm of decent combat capability. Ex. A man open carrying a gun who is not an allied soldier. A robot kills him because he is a threat no questions asked and still a human cannot be held responsible and you may not trial the robot because its a robot not a human. It has to be held accountable for its own actions but yet it cannot because it is a piece of machinery that no one controls.

Conclusion: Robots may be hacked, Have bad judgement, Are vulnerable to rust and bacteria eating away at their materials, Robots have a very high chance of trying to exterminate us. Odds are of course we’ll defend but it will still be a massacre. The ethics of robot life should also be taken into consideration as ridiculous as that sounds. Robots should not be considered as a good alternatives to troops on the battlefield.

Human soldiers and Clones(Possibly) are better options

Universal peace is the best option though, However we are all far from that.